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Image by Dmitry Mashkin

Annual Subscription Box

4 boxes in total for the year with each mailed in January, April, July, October which contain:

  • An Oracle Card selected specifically for you

  • A seasonal Reiki Infused Candle

  • A Spell Jar

  • 2 crystals

  • A tea sample

  • A surprise bonus item from a local artisan!

Only $222 for the year!

Image by Alice Pasqual

Homemade Tea Blends

$10 for 26g bag

  • Home grown and locally sourced herbs loved from garden to cup

  • Each blend has healing and energetic properties

  • Loose leaf tea intentionally blended

  • 26g bag for $10​

Image by Content Pixie



Reiki Infused Candles

High-quality raw and polished crystals. Selection is based on availability so get in touch with me to find out what's currently in stock.

  • Homemade candles infused with Reiki healing energy

  • Crystals selected specifically for each candle

  • Candles are created uniquely for each individual

  • Lightly scented with essential oil blends (can be non-scented as well)

  • 2.2oz and 4.4oz candles available

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