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This is a word I have been playing with for the last few months.

Detaching from...literally almost everything.

Everything in reality is fundamentally neutral. It is not good, it is not bad. It just is.

There is no meaning built into reality other than the meaning that you give it (~Aaron Doughty)

When you attach yourself to the way your ego or your emotions feel about things, it allows you to create these stories about why things are the way that they are. When you attach yourself to meaning, it gives an energy that may or may not be true.

When you detach from it and allow things to just be as they are, you don't hold expectations. You allow life to unravel without trying to look deeper into it.

Allow things to be. Allow them to unfold. Allow things to blow up. Allow things to fail. But at the same time, allow them to flourish. Allow yourself to trust in the unknown. Allow things to NOT be as you expect them. Allow for life to unfold in a mysterious way.

This idea is on the esoteric side, but it has the capacity to shift your entire existence.

When you give the potential up to the universe, abundance flows.

Detaching allows you to get out of your own way. To separate from your ego, and to remove judgement.

Instead of feeling like you've got to have an opinion on everything, try not - lol.

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