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Mentorship - What For??

Shifting from where you are to where you desire to be is what mentorship is all about.

It's connecting with someone who has walked the path ahead of you. Someone who is currently doing the things you want to do and achieving the things you want to achieve along side someone who embodies the values and qualities you admire. It is allowing someone to see you and to help you progress.

Mentorship is meeting yourself where you're at and growing from there. It is being honest with yourself. It is being accountable. It is being vulnerable, it's seeing where you can forgive yourself, and giving yourself the permission to turn on your power... and it is doing this with another person - with support. Though this journey is lonely at times, you are not alone.

Over the last few years, I have been able to create a life that I never thought was possible. To do that, I had to decide to change. I had to decide to create a version of myself that didn't exist yet. I had to be truly honest with myself many times during the process, I had to be vulnerable, I had to energetically release, forgive, love, and have compassion for all sides of myself. In doing so, it has allowed immense abundance to flow into my everyday existence.

I am in a place now where I am able to show you how to do it. How to shift, how to release, how to be grateful, and how to allow more abundance in. The "how" is often the missing piece. How do I go from where I am to where I need to be to live a thriving life?

That is where the Mindset of Manifestation Mentorship can be a tool for you.

Mentorship under the Mindset of Manifestation is a minimum (3) month commitment. It is going to create new thought patterns, new habits, and a new version of you. Weekly Zoom calls where we have open conversation about what you want to create in your life and ways in which to allow it into existence. This is an Energetic Mentorship and will also involve (1) monthly Distance Reiki session, spells, rituals, journaling, and energetic exercises to release blocked energy from your body, mind and soul. You will heal yourself and it will have a ripple effect on the world that exists around you.

*CAUTION: If you are not ready to change, this is not the program for you. When you step into energetic mentorship on this level, your perspective, your environment, your job, your relationships, your whole life can and will change.

If you are being called to make the shift, I would be happy to connect with you and see if the Mindset of Manifestation is your next step. An initial free 30 minute Connection Call is required to join this program.

I currently have 2 spots open!

Now is your time - Send me an email:

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