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This has been a big thing for me lately.

And this perspective is a bit esoteric.

But, I am detaching from literally almost everything.

We have been programmed as humans. Programmed to follow, to listen, to obey...and I am just not about it. We have been programmed about how to act, how to dress, how to treat each other, and honestly, we have been programmed into a psychological dumpster fire.

I am detaching from the meanings I used to give to things. I am detaching from people. I am detaching from material items. I am detaching from perspectives. I am detaching from the things I have been taught that do not align with me.

There is a reason that things don't align within you, there is a reason things don't make sense, and it is because a majority of our lives have been dictated. preplanned, and made up. What really exists? Is that how things really are?

Institutions such as school, politics, religion, authority, governments, etc. are all about to implode. They are hanging on by a thread trying to continue with the manipulation game. But, unfortunately for those who believe and maintain these systems, they don't exist when you're on a certain frequency. It will be fun to watch it all collapse. The times are changing - what was up, is now falling down.

If you are attached to the way the world works, you will be shocked and surprised as the new world order begins to install on Earth. Detachment allows for the new to come through and be better than it was before. We are all going to be here for the shift, and it is up to each of us individually to be responsible for ourselves.

So, play with detachment. Detach yourself from the way you think you're supposed to do things. Detach yourself from your expectations. Detach from putting pressure on yourself. What lies ahead is a more simple existence if you chose it.

Detach from what you expect and focus on the magical, the exciting, focus on your passions and putting more energy into experiencing life at its fullest, most simplest. Detach from the norm. There is enough of that.

Allow yourself to be free, to experience more nature and more real life while you've got the chance.

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