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I want to do all these things, but don't have the motivation.

I can't find the time.

I am tired.

I don't have the energy.

Do you say these things to yourself and others when discussing things you want to do with your life?

Do you feel like you lack motivation?


I have been playing with this for the last few weeks. Why do we force ourselves into certain things and deny ourselves pleasure due to lack of motivation? I lived in lack mindset for so long, and I am done with that.

Part of being done with lack is being motivated to do the things you need to do - no matter what. Whether you feel like it or not, whether you feel tired or not, whether you feel low energy, or overworked, or underappreciated, or not. You've got to take the steps to shut up the voice in your head that talks you out of things that you genuinely want to do.

We have been programmed to prioritize things like work over our own health and well-being and I am weening off of that program. I am learning to take guilt-free time off, I am learning to put energy into the things I love, and I am watching them expand while my old priorities shrink.

I love watching the depletion of an old habit. LOVE IT.

And in being motivated to prioritize the things I love, I am happier, things are more organized, my mind is less busy, my "To Do" list is smaller, I get to relax more, I am more abundant, and the list goes on.

Your current habits have gotten you to where you are right now, but it's the new habits that are going to get you to the higher version of yourself. That place where things are genuinely easier, where love and abundance flows, where life feels enjoyable...

People are always seeking happiness and feelings that they've felt before. That makes sense - it's what's familiar. What about seeking something you haven't felt yet? What about feeling better than you did in the past? What about offering yourself more? You are never going back to the way you used to feel, you're only advancing towards peace and happiness, or in the other direction. And that...that is a choice. Choosing to let go of the attachment to old emotions, old happiness, and seeking what makes you happy now.

Each moment is a new moment, and you have the opportunity to be a new version of yourself in every moment. So why not motivate yourself to feel better, to love more, to do the work that you've been putting off, to clear out, to welcome in....why not expect more?

I live a life where I thrive in self-development, motivation, creation, and manifestation....amongst other things. I am not going to allow myself to hold myself back. Self-sabotage energy is fading and I am about to step into a whole new light. A major level up. And I can feel it within my body - in every cell.

Motivating myself even when I try and talk myself out of it. I choose progress over stagnancy.

I choose to choose myself every time.

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