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It All Adds Up

Everything you do adds up.

So when you evaluate how you live your life...what do you notice?

Do you notice yourself taking steps towards health? Or are you walking yourself towards dis-ease?

I ask myself this question quite often. When I look back and evaluate my prior choices, I did things that I knew were not good for me just because I could, because it was easy, because I didn't know any better, because I was going through depression, whatever the reason.

Regardless, I still make decisions that I know are not good for me from time to time.

However, now I am able to confidently say that, a majority of the time, I am taking steps towards health, towards taking better care of myself, and towards an easier and more abundant existence.

And when you're on this path, it is really easy to spot the people that are walking themselves into fire.

It is frustrating.

When you heal to a certain level, you understand why you can't help...why you have to let them walk, and why you have to continue walking your own path.

I have learned to value authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty. These qualities I value within myself and within others, and I refuse to share my energy with anything less than that.

For those who are still beating themselves up, for those who have a poor attitude, for those that do not see their own true potential, for those who choose to stay asleep, for those who allow life to pass them by...I cannot relate. I cannot understand a path where humans do not want to thrive.

I don't understand giving up on yourself.

What I do understand is struggling but still trying. I understand self-evaluation and a desire to feel good within my own body, mind and soul. I understand being there for yourself when no one else is. I understand that it's lonely and hard and scary. And I understand moving through that.

I understand that the actions that I take everyday (even if they are small), are walking me towards my deepest wishes, dreams and manifestations. That is where the magic happens, where change occurs, and where your baseline happiness lives.

When you evaluate your patterns and your daily activities, do they add up to your version of happiness? Be honest with yourself, what areas do you need to re-evaluate and make changes?

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