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My Experiences With Kambo

The Frog Medicine Healing Ritual.

Kambo has been an integral part of my healing journey for a few years now. This medicine found me and right away I was drawn into the experience.

For some, the idea of this ritual is unpleasant. But for myself, I have never felt more beautiful.

And that is kind of weird to think about with a medicine that literally makes you physically purge in every way.

When I am in ceremony I feel powerful, entirely non-judgmental, fully in my body, magical, free, and more purely vulnerable than at any other point in my life.

There is no competition. Everyone is there for their own healing purposes, we all connect at different points of our journey, and there is an instant level of comfort as you share this experience with others on a similar path. Mirror images of yourself releasing, cleansing, and resetting your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. The release is like nothing I have ever felt or can compare.

The process begins with setting your intention and selecting the number of dots you are going to process. The Kambo dots can be placed on your arms, legs, chakra points on front or back, in the ears, on the chest, etc. Each pattern and placement aligns with your intention. The dots are burned into the top layer of the epidermis with incense - this part of the process feels like a tiny sting and does not hurt.

You can do one round, or multiple. Each round will last anywhere from 20-40 minutes. I find I enjoy doing two rounds when I go for Kambo. There was only one time that I was called to do only one round and recommend listening to yourself and your body with this process. If you do one round, you will have all of your dots filled with Kambo. If you do two, the first round will be half of the dots, second round will be all of them. The most I have done was twelve dots along my spine.

The medicine does not hurt either. The Kambo feels cool when it is being applied to your skin and then you begin to feel it rushing through your whole body. It is a very quick process. Once it is applied, I can feel it start to get warm from the dots and expanding throughout my body, and then a bit of puffiness (they call that "frog face" and it is totally normal). It is hard to describe how Kambo feels when you're sitting with it because each person and experience is so different, but it energetically holds you in a way that is nearly indescribable with language.

Sometimes you drink 2L of water prior to receiving the medicine, and sometimes you drink after the medicine has been applied. Both methods are effective and it depends on your preference for this as well. Your choices can be guided with the help of the Shaman - especially for the first experience.

And then the purge comes.

This can take you to the edge of your being and back. This is where your mind tells you that you don't want to do this anymore and that you want it to stop, but you know that you're there for the journey and are going to see it through. And there is massive strength in that.

I find there is massive strength in choosing your own discomfort. Life is uncomfortable, but Kambo has shown me that I have more strength within myself than I am even aware of and that I can get through whatever shows up for me along my path. It has woken up my inner voice that tells me I will make it through all of the challenges I have chosen for myself in this life. The inner lessons only compound through each session.

It is overall a beautiful inner experience with yourself.

Until next time...

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