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Your Belief Is Your Reality

We have all heard this so many times.

Yet when we look at our reality we can see many ways that it does not reflect what we "think" we are putting out there.

And that is the real truth to the situation. This is where you do the inner work and realize that you may be confusing the universe with the messages you are emitting.

Feeling fully abundant and supported in your life is a massive undertaking. It means going from where you're in this moment at and creating an existence that you feel safe in - in all ways. But how?

Because the truth is, you can't just think better thoughts and have your whole world change.

It is thought in combination with embodiment, along with aligned action, and with you fully becoming the shift you want to see in your life...

Your thoughts are part of the puzzle - they start the process. Everything that you are creating first begins as a thought. If it wasn't meant for you, then you wouldn't even be thinking about it. Allow that thought tornado to tear through your insides. Allow your thoughts to tear down everything that doesn't align with where you're going. Part of creating your new reality involves letting the current reality go.

If you're thinking the thoughts but not actually embodying the new reality within, the universe can tell. Manifesting happens when you move without fear.

We are often comfortable where we are - even if we don't think so and even if it is extremely uncomfortable! There is comfortability in the job that pays you every 2 weeks, in your relationship, in your routine, in your habits. And it is difficult to change. Because when you change one thing - it ripples. And that can be a lot to take in. It can be scary to leave your familiar behind and that is why a lot of us stay where we are (even when it is no longer serving us).

Changing your reality happens when you are being truly honest with yourself about where you want to be and what you want your life to look like. Once you are clear on your desires, you will actively start to see opportunities that will help you create more of what you want for yourself. You are never stuck.

You may just have to dig a little bit deeper within yourself to recognize where you need to detach, where you need to let go, and where you need to commit going forward.

And then you can observe.

Observe life in flow. Observe peace. Observe gratitude. Observe the existence you're meant for in this life come to fruition in the physical realm.


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